Sponsors and Partners

Here at Swingathon we are exceptionally proud to be affiliated with the following brands and companies. They will all have a presence at the festival so check them out and give them some love!


It's a great honour to be partnering up with Swingathon and Fetfest 2024 and of being part of a team that will deliver the biggest party ever seen in the UK. At SpicyMatch, we love creating unforgettable memories -bringing along with us the best DJ's, artists, producers, and performers from across the globe. We are excited to finally have the opportunity to offer our community to the British public and welcome on board hundreds of thousands of open minded people who will join us on this most amazing experience that we at SpicyMatch.com call our lifestyle. We're ecstatic to be meeting you at Swingathon and Fetfest in summer 2024 and have the opportunity to find out more about and party with Spicymatch.


ASN Entertainment, LLC is a leading company in the adult entertainment and lifestyle industry, dedicated to providing a platform for open-minded individuals to explore and celebrate their desires, lifestyles, and expressions without judgment. Founded in 2014 by Michael and Sheri Ramos, ASN Entertainment, LLC is the driving force behind ASN Lifestyle Magazine and continues to shape the industry with a commitment to freedom, individuality, and a global community. Learn more at www.asnentertainment.com. Connect with ASN Entertainment, LLC Corp. Website: www.asnentertainment.com ASN Lifestyle Magazine: www.asnlifestylemagazine.com ASN Hub: www.asnhub.com Facebook: @asnlifestylemagazine Twitter: @asnlifestylemag Instagram: @asnlsmag


Scandals is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of body-safe and affordable sex toys. Based in the North West of England, we have built a loyal customer base, due to our helpful and friendly service, both in-store and online. Education and sexual health information is at the heart of what we do. We offer much more than products, instead supporting customers with various issues or needs. We have dedicated staff, with years of experience, who are available in store and online to help you with your sexual health queries.

The Sanctuary of Sin

We are Jayson and Rebecca, a kinky couple based in Scotland who have been practicing BDSM together for the last 8 years. We are both switches (double the fun!) and have a wide range of interests and kinks which are ever-growing and ever-changing. We also have David, who is our in-house switchy, polyamourous, retail gremlin. He helps us out regularly and you are likely to see us all together at any events or markets!

Eden X

We are a small e-commerce and face to face event company owned and ran by a couple who are active on the bdsm scene. Although we specialise in BDSM equipment we offer a full range of other toys to meet everyone's needs and desires. Only starting up in 2023 we are hoping that 2024 is our year of growth moving the brand upwards. Eden X

The UK Fetish Awards

The UK Fetish Awards is an event created to celebrate diversity in the world of kink, and also to help break down the taboos which surround BDSM. We will also help support fetish workers within the fetish industry by giving them free promotion across social media, magazines and various other channels, and highlighting some of the best industry professionals who are nominated in our 17 categories.

Relentless Desires

At Relentless Desires, we started with the goal of providing the best products and services to our customers. With over 20+ years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted brand that delivers quality every time. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional service. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide tailored solutions that exceed their expectations. Our projects include BDSM Bondage beds, cages, chairs, St Andrew crosses and anything else your fantasies dream up. Our experienced in house engineering team has the capability to make the wildest ideas into a reality.

Twisted Edge

Welcome to Twisted Edge, for 10 years (as of June 2023) the biggest alternative lifestyle magazine around. Always developing, evolving and continually moving forwards to be the best at what we do in digital and print magazines. With a simple mission: To deliver constant quality in a world of magazines, like no other, to give a place to all, no matter style, gender, race, experience, who want to be showcased in the right ways, whether model, photographer, creative or brand.

Our Partners

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